Endless Possibilities – Pinpoint Accuracy

Along with the more usual uses for customer and employee satisfaction surveys… Here’s a few more…

  • If you’re a service business who wants to identify new opportunities? Use REAP Network
  • If you’ve got an idea for change and want some initial insight? Use REAP Network
  • Ready to start a project and need diagnostics for guidance? Use REAP Network
  • Trying to choose a staff incentive package? Use REAP Network

Getting your decisions right first time makes a huge difference to your return on investment.

There’s a plan for you – whatever your business needs…

Along with our more standard plans and cost packages, we’re happy to flex to your needs, making it easy for you to choose what works for your business.

We can adapt costs for REAP Network to fit your plans, trials or on-going needs, so don’t hesitate to talk to us about all the possibilities…

Expert Support & Start Up Guidance

How do you get the most out of REAP Network and your data? Use our handy online education and support tool to help you understand the best of REAP Network. We’ll help you set up and provide initial system walk throughs. Alternatively, we’re here to help you every step of the way with our expert training team if you choose our more in-depth support option.

High integrity protection

Everyone knows how important it is to protect their data – so rest assured REAP Network is fully compliant, and at no time do we ever use your data for anything other than the reasons it’s collected. We never sell or pass on your data, and our system is protected by the latest security processes – and we’re independently audited regularly.

Consultancy Support

How do you get the most out of harvested feedback?

We’re on-hand with reports that show trends and suggested recommendations. In addition, we will deliver detailed consultation sessions where we will help you plan your actions around your key customer and / or employee feedback and signposts.

Cross Sector Success

REAP Network is adaptable to virtually any sector or business aspect.

Whether you’re in Education, Health, Retail, Travel, Finance or any other sector, as long as you have either internal or external customers…it’s easy to adapt REAP Network to your needs.

Each survey is created for you – your needs – your business – so the feedback and analysis is shared in the way YOU want to see it, and easy for you to use quickly.

Free initial consultation

Free Initial Consultation – Find Out about how REAP Network helps you thoroughly understand your staff engagement levels and customer needs – and what to do next…!

Contact us today to see how we can help your business flourish and grow