Grow your business by harvesting critical information
directly from your customers and employees


How do you know if your customers and employees are satisfied? You ask them...

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Up-to-the minute data

Real-time, easily accessible feedback available at your fingertips

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Temperature check

Keep your finger on the pulse of what is happening across your business

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Deep Dive

Analyse and segment your data with pin-point accuracy using your own interactive dashboard

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Compare and contrast performance levels and drive best practice across your business

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Compliant and Secure

Client and personal confidentiality is meticulously maintained in REAP Network

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“Using the REAP network has allowed me to take my client offering to another level in terms of professionalism and ROI.

I am now able to evidence the impact of my training interventions through pre and post surveys into the level of learning and behavioural change achieved.

By using REAP everybody wins, as I find out which tweaks I need to make, and my clients get the outcomes they want as well as useful employee data insights.”

Jonthan Pittam, Mental resilience trainer, MindBody Consulting

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Plans and Pricing


Don’t need all the Bells and Whistles? Start by simply harvesting your customer feedback into something useful…

From £50 per month

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A more tailored solution for larger multi-location businesses – gather in depth and wider reaching feedback from both customers and employees, compare, contrast and act…

From £100 per month

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Benefit from unlimited surveys, additional analysis and regular board summaries with a completely bespoke solution designed for large scale organisations.

From £500 per month

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