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Designed especially for businesses with smaller customer /client numbers, perhaps between 1 and 5 locations, who’d like to gather and understand customers feedback and needs in detail, receive recommendations and testimonials regularly. Use a choice of surveys to gather live, up the minute, customer feedback, recorded as it happens. Access to your own dashboard and analysis tools, react quickly to make changes where your customers really need them.


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Designed for Mid-range business with higher customer/client numbers, or more than 10 locations. This option means you can gather both employee and/or customer feedback and can include Mystery Shopping feedback too. Benefit from a tailored survey design consultation, adapted weighting for your survey questions and quarterly board reports showing trends and key recommendations


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A complete package, designed with multi locational, global organisations with high customer throughput and high employee numbers in mind. Unlock the full power of REAPnetwork, including unlimited segmentation of your customer and employee data, plus regular site and customer journey analysis to keep your feedback current. With on-hand backup support ensuing your team are utilising your customer data to its full potential, REAPnetwork gathers and harvests both internal and external customer feedback to the fullest extent


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Added Value Extras

‘Any Aspect of our Features and Benefits list can be provided as a ‘plus’ to your chosen package – talk to us about a tailored solution’

Mystery Shopping – from shop or location visits through to telephone calls, journeys etc – we’ll arrange any type of ‘real life’ check. You can have ‘as is’, or something especially set up to evaluate your business expectation or training investment – tell us which works best for you

How best to use the feedback from your customers and employees? We are experts in interpreting feedback and designing training, facilitating, coaching or mentoring to get the very best from the feedback

We’ll design and hand over, or deliver the whole training / coaching package on your behalf – it’s your choice. Your post survey consultation is a great time to talk to us about ‘what’s next’…

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