Measure satisfaction

Understand Customer, Employee, or Mystery Shopper satisfaction, by asking the right questions for your business...
  • Measure employee engagement and customer satisfaction and understand their impact on each other.
  • Evaluate training investment, environment changes or new services by measuring and tracking the impact on your employees.
  • Target your resources to the actual needs of your customers or employees using REAP Network to get it right first time.

Get up-to-the-minute data at your fingertips

See your dashboard update every time a new survey is completed.

React ‘on the spot’ to customer needs, and get immediate feedback on business changes, improvements and trials

Temperature check your business

Get an overview of your customer and/or employee satisfaction results, whenever you want, wherever you are.

Have key data at your fingertips all the time, keep check on the satisfaction ‘pulse’ and react to exceptions and changes in trend

Deep Dive

Investigate feedback using comprehensive analysis – segmenting and reviewing in multiple ways, making your reporting of customer satisfaction and employee engagement vibrant, easy to present and meaningful

Benchmarking across the board

Find out why performance varies from location to location, identify Best Practice and Exceptions to drive excellence across the board

Determine the impact of a whole variety of aspects on customer and employee satisfaction and business results. Is it people, place, pace or something else that makes one part of your business more successful than another? Use ReapNetwork to uncover and drive Best Practice to improve performance all round

Compliance and Security

Safe and Secure – Independently accredited hosting of your data

We guarantee a completely secure environment. ReapNetwork is compliant with all latest requirements and is independently security tested. We are scrupulous about ensuring your data is secure, safe and on hand for you so we provide regular due diligence focused on the security of ReapNetwork which is available for you to review.

See ReapNetwork in action

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